70% of real estate clients choose to work with the first agent they meet. So let's make your lead generation is way above average.

Within this plan, we focus on four main marketing strategies used to boost client leads. 


1. Reputation Management (Online Reviews)

Online reviews are powerful. They build trust. The more reviews that you can get displayed, the more likely a client will choose to work with you over the next competitor. Think about it... when booking a hotel to vacation at...are you going to stay at the hotel that has 30 good reviews or the one that has 80 good reviews? It's a no brainer, right!


2. SMMA (Social Media Marketing)

7 out of 10 people in America are on Facebook everyday. Research shows when a person is on their smart phone, 25% of their time is spent on Facebook. Today, the best way to generate leads and close more deals is SMMA. But it takes time... time to design posts, boost posts, figure out what funnels to use, and what to write about... who has time for that?? We do!

We will create a weekly post and use funnels and boosting power to ensure your content is being seen by the right people. Ad money is included in cost... no extra fees. 


3. Adding the New Google My Business Messaging to your page

Google just released this last year and so many of your competitors aren't taking advantage of it yet. It allows prospective clients to click on the messenging icon without even opening your website and start an immediate two way conversation. Phone calls are becoming a thing of the past, so many people prefer to connect through texting now. This is a huge marketing tool.


3. Chat Widget

By adding the chat widget to your page, clients can open your website and connect with you directly with a touch of a button. 


Realtor Marketing Package - Monthly Plan

Price Options
Realtor Marketing
$299.00every month until canceled